3 Cent Genius

3 Cent Genius-Every so often, the right combination of talented musicians come together to form a band. “3¢ Genius” is by far a rare gathering of seasoned, very talented musicians driven by their love for making music. 3¢ Genius was formed in June 2010 by members, “Gabe Cunningham” – Vocals & Guitar, “Lee Yandell” – Vocals & Guitar, “Damon Shores” – Bass, and “Mike Martin” – Drums. Each member has spent countless hours on the road performing at various venues around the states with previous acts. 3¢ Genius is based out of Fort Smith, AR and considers Eastern Oklahoma and Western Arkansas home. 3¢ Genius is a “Rock” cover band that performs hits from the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s. With such a broad catalog of music, 3¢ Genius can please the most discriminating crowds.