This week at Front Street Grill

Crab Leg Tuesday Alaskan Snow Crabs for $15 and $5 Shrimp Cocktails
Dani & Jason Tuesday Night
Wed Night Karaoke with Dj Tk! Pizza and Pitcher for $12.50 
Thursday Crawfish Boil $16 and we have fresh oysters, grilled, Rockefeller, or Bienville Jason Campbell will be playing your request
Rockey Don Jones Thursday Night
Friday Night Chicken Pot Pie-What happens when a red from Oklahoma teams up with 3 other guys from the surrounding area and starts to jam? CHICKEN POT PIE, THAT’S WHAT!!
We aren’t your regular run of the mill honky tonkin’ beer drinkin’ good ole boys, no sir ree bob!! We like to think of ourselves as an eclectic group of individuals who love playin’ music and havin’ a good time doin’ it.
We come from varying backgrounds in music and in life. Our differences are what makes us who we are and what we’re about. So sit back, chill and get ready for something you’ve never heard before. Believe us, you’re gonna love it!!!
Sat Night Typsy Gyspsy
If Marilyn Spencer couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket, people would still love to hear her sing. She puts her heart and soul into every song and makes you think her life depends on it. But as it turns out, she sings beautifully. Her voice is smokey and creamy. And when the guys back her up with three-part harmonies, it is transcendental.